Rip and Convert a TV Series DVD to Individual H.264 MP4 files

Summary: When you get a TV Series DVD, you perhaps want to rip the TV Series DVD to individual H.264 MP4 files. If so, this is a detailed guide. 

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Rip DVD Collection to PC for Streaming Around House

Summary: Now, it is the time to rip DVD to PC for around house streaming. By copying DVD to MP4, you can play DVD movies from PC to PS4, Xbox One, Mobile devices wirelessly. 

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Convert PVR TV recorded to a MP4 for Tablet

Summary: The drawback for PVR is that you can't indefinitely store the recorded television programs in PVR due to its limited hard disk, so we need to transfer the recorded PVR videos to your computer or other hard drive.

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Get Video Reduced to 720 x 480 During ripping Blu-ray process

Summary: In this guide, you can learn how to get Blu-ray film reduced to 720 x 480 video during the ripping process. 

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5 Reasons You Shouldn't Pirate Blu-ray/DVD Movies, Music or Software

Summary: On the surface, being a pirate might seem like a good deal. All the music and movies you want, downloaded directly to your hard drive, at no cost to you. What could be better? But is it really so good? 

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