Can’t play DVD in Windows Media Center? - Rip/Convert DVD to WMC playable format

Description:This post will give you the easiest solution to rip DVD movies to Windows Media Center for playing without Windows Media Center DVD decoders.

Windows Media Center is a digital video recorder and media player developed by Microsoft. It is an application that allows users to view and record live television, as well as organize and play music and videos. If you want to make your movies more orgnized, Windows Media Center is an ideal tool for you . But if you are a DVD lover, you may wanna look for a way to add my dvd collection to Media Center Library. Look no further? Want to find a way out? Now let's see how to solve the issue "Can't Play DVD in Windows Media Center" in this article.

As first, you should know that Windows Media Center DVD needs:

  • Microsoft system installed on your PC
  • A DVD-ROM drive
  • A software or hardware DVD decoder

Know more reasons why DVD won't play on here on Windows Vista and 7.

To view your DVD movie on Windows Media Center, here is an easier way: that is to convert/rip your DVD movies to WMC best supported video format. According to Microsoft, here is Windows Media Center supported file formats:

To reach this goal, Pavtub DVD to WMC Converteris the best tool for you. Overall, this program can help you extract DVD movies to Windows Media Center playable format. It is professional and easy to use for editing and conversion and makes great quality copies of DVDs. The synchronization of audio and video and superfast conversion speed are also wonderful. The Mac version is DVD to WMC Ripper for Mac.

If you happen to be creasy about watching DVD movies, you can go through this guide to learn how to rip DVD to Windows Media Center for playing.

Step 1: Run the best DVD Ripper from Pavtube, and load DVD files to it. You can click "DVD ROM" to load movie from DVD drive or "ISO/IFO" DVD ISO file.

Step 2: Select output format for Windows Media Center. Click on the drop-down list at the opposite side of "Format", and then choose "HD Video > WMV HD(*.wmv)" format. The format is designed for users that wanna get DVD rips to Windows Media Center.

Tip: Pavtube
DVDAid let users control/customize output file quality. To improve video quality, simply click "Settings" and set video bitrate up.


Step 3: Start ripping DVD to WMV video for Windows Media Center.

Click "Convert" button to rip DVD to Windows Media Center, once the ripping task is finished by Pavtube DVDAid, you can click "Open" button at the bottom of the main interface to get the output WMV file for adding to Windows Media Center for playing and sharing with your family.

(See more reasons and solutions here:Playing DVDs in Windows Media Center: frequently asked questions. )

How to play back ripped DVD in Windows Media Center?

There are a few steps to follow when the user wants to import and play the converted DVD videos with Windows Media Center DVD library used with windows vista operating systems or other OS versions that do not automatically open converted DVD videos:

  • Close the Windows Media Center if it is already running.
  • Click the "Start" button.
  • Paste or type the word "regedit" in the "start search box".
  • Click on "regedit" on the programs listed.
  • Click "continue" or enter your administrator password if it is inquired.
  • Search and click the following sub-key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Currentversion\mediacenter\settings\Dvdsettings.
  • A details pane will show and the user clicks "show gallery" and then click modify.
  • The contents that appear in the "value data box" are then deleted by the operator.
  • Type "gallery" in the "value data box" and then click "ok".
  • After this, close the registry editor and the files the application will be ready to play the files.

The user has to restart the computer to verify the problem is fixed. It is shown by the computer displaying "DVD library" instead of "play DVD". In case, you prefer to rip DVDs to Media Center in *.vob format, the DVD Library in Windows Media Center is not automatically enabled and you cannot see your DVD content. You need to edit the registry, and you'd better check "How to enable the DVD Library in Windows Media Center" (Microsoft) for the official resolution.

Actually, there are many DVD player software you can use to play DVD in Windows smoothly, just in case you don't want to spent so much time on fixing the annoying DVD playing issues.

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