Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate Review - All-in-one converting tool

To watch Blu-ray, DVD and HD videos on your portable device without format limitation, take a look at the review of a professional and easy-to-use all-in-one tool- Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate.

Would you like to watch a variety of interesting video (Blu-ray, DVD and any kinds of video) on your Android, Apple and Windows Tablets/Phones on the move? However, not all video files are created equal. Some file formats require specific apps to play them, and some are made only for certain devices. Then an all-in-one video converting tool is needed. Check out the review of Best Video Converter Ultimate program in Pavtube as below.

video converter ultimate review

Yes, Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate not only converts video, and rip Blu-ray, DVD so quickly and capably to a multitude of formats. But also edits and processes video with special effects. It's more an all-in-one video toolbox than a simple video converter.

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate’s primary function is converting video files from one format to another, which it does quite well. However, that’s not the whole story. This video converter software also enables users to edit and create all types of video files.

The BD/DVD tool is arguably the most useful in the entire application. You can use this tool to rip Blu-ray and DVD content to a format that is playable on any mobile device you own. That means if you have a Blu-ray and DVD movie you want to watch on iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Windows phones, game consoles, HD media players, and more, Pavtube will remove all Blu-ray and DVD disc protection and convert them to the ideal format for that device.

Another great feature in the software is its video editor. While the converter offers a full-featured editor as a separate application, it has included some of the basic editing tools. These tools give you the ability to trim clips, crop videos and add watermarks, special effect, subtitles to your videos.

As a Blu-ray DVD backup tool, Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate can not only copy the entire BD/DVD disc content to computer hard drive with original structure and all audio/subtitle tracks and chapter markers preserved, but also copy you Blu-ray/DVD without extras into a 100% intact BD M2TS/DVD VOB movie with Directly Copy.

As a 2D/3D to 3D converting software, Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate can change your favorite action 2D/3D Blu-ray or standard DVD film into a 3D adventure with quipped with three different 3D effects: Side by Side, Red/Blue and Top/Bottom.

How to merge or split files? If you are looking for a single program which is capable of splitting or merging your video files, then your search ends with this Pavtube's program. With this program, it takes only few clicks to break any video file into multiple segments or merge number of video files to one single video.

Input Files

The input video and audio list are so impressive. You can load anything you need into this converter.

Output Files

The number of outputs this software can produce is truly astounding. You can trade your starting format for any 2D video formats. These range from basic formats such as MOV and MP4 to uncommon ones like VOB, FLV and AVI. Main-stream new devices including iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are all supported. The 3D formats include 3D MP4, 3D WMV, 3D AVI, 3D MKV and 3D MOV video. Sharing your 3D version of home movies on YouTube could also be a lot of fun.

Take at the spectations below:

supported devices

The settings Video Converter Ultimate has for output devices are also impressive. You can optionally set video display ratio, bitrate, frame rate and other settings to obtain the best video and audio playback on your mobile devices.

Ease of Use

We found this video converter to be extremely easy to use. Everything is clearly labeled and easily accessible. It is set up so that most tools only involve pointing and clicking to reach your destination. We didn’t have any problems understanding the process and were able to jump right into converting video files within minutes of downloading the software and a few clicks.

Help & Support

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate provides solid support options, most of which we don't think you will need because it is a very intuitive application. If you need to ask a question, there is email support, FAQs, onlinehelp, Facebook page and Google+ community at your disposal. We sent email questions to customer support and received responses within a day.


Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is a comprehensive video conversion application that allows you to convert a wide variety of formats to almost any output format, including 3D. We found the software easy to use. Even the advanced features are not hard to figure out. There are only a handful of missing features that you probably won't even notice. Please explore! The mac version is iMedia Converter for Mac.

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