Rip Blu-ray to FLAC for JRiver Media Center with 96000HZ Sample Rate

Want to Convert blu-ray discs to FLAC audio for JRiver Media Center for higher sample rate? Just follow this guide and get the Top Blu-ray Audio Converter for Mac.

Q: “ I want to rip my blu-ray concerts (only 2.0 audio) to an external 6TB G-drive (FLAC) connected to my macbook pro (JRIVER) and a very hi-end audio system with a separate dac capable of handling any resolution. I was able to do this except I don't feel that this was the highest sample rate. I was told over 1M. Other software programs seem to allow a higher sample rate. Also, it seems a few blurays are an entire file not separated by titles. Any suggestions? " 

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JRiver Media Center is the premier audio solution. Whether you demand audiophile quality, or you want fast access to a half million files, no other software will perform like JRiver does. Free Lossless Audio Codec is basically a Blu-ray disc encoded as 24-bit/96kHzor 24-bit/192kHz audio recording in three lossless formats: PCM, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD Master. Want to listen the audio of the Blu-Ray movies on your for JRiver Media Center from Mac? You can extract the audio from the Blu-Ray disc, and convert Blu-Ray to audio MP3, 320kbps MP3, AC3 5.1, AAC, even lossless FLAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC. 

After you read the JRiver Media Center official page, you will find that FLAC may be the JRiver Media Center best audio format. To extract Blu-ray discs to for JRiver Media Center accepted FLAC audio files on Mac, you could use Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac which is an effective Mac Blu-ray Audio converter and extractor for JRiver Media Center that could convert Blu-ray music to lossless FLAC audio format. still delivering an ultra-high quality listening experience on iMac or Macbook. Read the review.  

Convert Blu-ray to FLAC for JRiver Media Center with 96000HZ Sample Rate

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Step 1: Install and launch the Mac Blu-ray Audio to FLAC Ripper (Windows version: Pavtube ByteCopy ); import your Blu-ray Disc or Backup saved on hard drive by clicking “Load File” icon. 

Step 2. Choose Lossless FLAC audio format. Here click the format bar to follow “Common Audio” and “FLAC-Free Lossless Audio Codec (*.flac).” as the output format, which suitable for for JRiver Media Center. 

Output Audio Format: WMA (with 7.1 channels), AAC (with 5.1 channels), AC3 (with 5.1 channels), MKA (with 5.1 channels), MP3, WAV, M4A, OGG, WMA, AU, AIFF, MP2, FLAC. 

Note: Clicking Pavtube format list, we can clearly find FLAC-Free Lossless Audio Codec(*.flac) preset. But hitting “Settings”, the offered sample rate is limited to 22050hz, 32000hz, 44100hz and 48000hz. It works smoothly without most devices before, but if you want to get better audio quality by improving the sample rate (to 96000hz, ect.), this guide is right here to help. When you select AC3 as output audio format, you have the choice to select Channels as 5.1 Channels.

Step 4. Convert pure audio Blu-ray to lossless FLAC

Click the red button on bottom-right corner to realize conversion from high fidelity pure audio Blu-ray to lossless FLAC for JRiver Media Center. After completing conversion from high fidelity pure audio Blu-ray to lossless FLAC, you can streaming the converted pure audio Blu-ray for JRiver Media Center with Hi-res audio quality. 

In addition, Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac can convert latest Blu-ray and DVD movies to any other formats like MP4, MOV , M4V, AVI, WMV, MPG, MKV, etc or MP4/MOV with multi-track audios for playback and it is also able to encode Blu-ray movies and DVDs to MKV container format with preserving chapter markers, multiple audio tracks and subtitles. 

Now, you can enjoy the Blu-ray in FLAC files for JRiver Media Center with 96000HZ Sample Rate. Have Fun! 
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