Top DVD to AVI Converters Review 2016

Summary: DVD to AVI convertsion is a common need in DVD ripping job. But which DVD Ripper can rip and convert DVD to AVI? And which is the best DVD to AVI Converter?

Commercial pre-recorded DVD discs are typically protected with some form of copy protection. This feature prevents people from copying DVD and broadcast DVD in other multimedia players without DVD-ROM. When you want more media streaming options on DVD, you need to remove DVD copy protection and turn it to a digital format. 

AVI has become the most popular container file format used for watching video on the PC. AVI files can hold different types of video and audio streams inside, and with the help of DivX video compression technology, they can display incredible video quality while maintaining a small file size. DVD to AVI software comes with a variety of options to make your DVD collection more mobile in AVI format. Let’s look at which are the top DVD to AVI converters in 2016. 

# 1: Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate

Summary: This software is not only easy to use; it also provides the best options for AVI video output. With all of the editing options to make the final product exactly how you want it, we enjoyed using this product. Its options and simplicity make it a great choice if you want to learn how to convert DVD to AVI. This product is definitely top of the line when you need a DVD digitized into the AVI format for your smartphone or PS3. 

Pros: This DVD ripper has the most AVI formats available: HD AVI, SD AVI, DivX AVI, XviD AVI, H.264 AVI and 3D AVI. 

Cons: The manufacturer doesn't provide a telephone number for support questions. 

# 2: Aiseesoft DVD Ripper

Summary: This application is a great choice for converting your mountain of DVDs to an AVI format. Benefits of converting your discs include creating backups, increasing mobility and taking advantage of various video-editing options. Aiseesoft’s application enables all of these and more. The interface is straightforward and simple to use; we were able to easily figure out what to do and where to find things without resorting to any kind of technical support or help files. 

Pros: The manufacturer offers a lot of support through tutorials and contact information.

Cons: The output formats are contained in one long list which is difficult to sort through. 

# 3: ImTOO DVD Ripper

Summary: The ImTOO DVD Ripper is a useful DVD to AVI converter if you want a way to preserve your movies in a digital format. By using this application, you can not only make a second copy of all your favorite movies, but you can watch them on different platforms. Though it doesn’t have as many editing options as some of the other DVD to AVI rippers, it does have a comprehensive list of available AVI formats. 

Pros: There are a lot of AVI formats available with this application. 

Cons: This application is very slow when converting DVD to AVI. 

# 4: Any DVD Converter Ultimate

Summary: The DVD to AVI converter Any DVD Converter is a useful application for digitizing your DVDs. This makes them easier to store and more readably watchable on mobile devices. Made by ADC, this application doesn’t boast as many AVI output options as some of the other converters, but is very reliable when it comes to editing options and speed of conversion. As far as ripping DVD to AVI, Any DVD Converter is a good choice. 

Pros: This application is great when you need to make multiple segments from one movie. 

Cons: There aren’t very many pre-programmed AVI format settings. 

# 5: DVD to AVI Suite

Summary: The DVD to AVI Suite from this article is an intuitive DVD to AVI converter. While it has only a few available AVI formats, the conversion speed is fairly quick and the quality is good. The suite contains two programs: the DVD converter and the AVI converter. While the AVI software was useful, we found that the DVD to AVI ripper portion of the software had more of the features we were looking for. 

Pros: The conversion rate is speedy when working with the pre-programmed profiles. 

Cons: There are only a handful of AVI formats available.

Use a DVD to AVI converter to utilize your movie collection to the fullest extent. This is the easiest way to digitize your collection and make it more readily available when you are on the go. 


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