Rip and Convert a TV Series DVD to Individual H.264 MP4 files

Summary: When you get a TV Series DVD, you perhaps want to rip the TV Series DVD to individual H.264 MP4 files. If so, this is a detailed guide. 

Would you like to rip an entire TV Series disc set and convert the episodes to individual MP4 files? Today we’ll take a look at how to setup and batch process an entire DVD set using DVD Ripping tool and the H.264 codec.



In all likelihood, any commercial DVD will be copy protected. That's why we need a DVD Ripper to remove copy protection. So we will use Pavtube ByteCopy to rip each DVD on our hard drive by converting the episodes in DVD to individual MP4 files. This top DVD ripper could help users to remove those annoying copy protections in a perfect and super fast way. With it, you can easily rips TV shows DVDs to MP4 without protections with 1:1 ratio. Video and audio quality would be the same to the source TV shows DVDs. Plus, the combine Edit feature enables you to cut the black bars, trim the ads part off, etc. For Mac users, get Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac.


Free download and install: 


How to Rip TV Series DVD to Individual H.264 MP4 files Easily and Fast?


Step 1: Load TV Series DVD

Launch the program and add the TV Series DVD you want to rip by clicking the “Load from Disc” icon on the main interface. Select the Title dropdown list and inspect the listings. You’ll see a group of titles and durations. And the whole main title of the TV Series DVD has been ticked automatically. You should find a group of titles with running times that match the approximate running time of a single episode in the series.

In our example, we are converting a series of one hour shows, so we have two titles running close to an hour. For a broadcast TV program it will be more like 40-45 minutes for an hour show and 20 minutes or so for a half hour program. You may want to refer to the original DVD if you aren’t sure of the number of episodes per disc and running times. You can ignore any additional smaller clip. They are likely to be intros and extras. Select the first title you’d like to add from the dropdown list.

Step 2: Choose outptu format

Click “Format”, you can find many video formats in the dropdown list, you can choose the one you need like “H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)” from “HD Video” option.

Tip: Click “Settings”then a new window will pop up. Here, you can adjust A/V parameters and adjust the video size on your own. You can preview the output video parameters and size in the chart. 

Step 3: Start to rip TV Series DVD to PC

Hit the “Convert” button to rip TV Series DVD to PC in MP4 format. Just wait a moment and then you can output the videos including all chapters of the episode you needed.




Pavtube ByteCopy will give you good quality output at a greatly reduced file size. Be prepared for quite a wait when converting an entire season DVD. If you prefer to get the full DVD contents from your hard drive, you may want to check out the post on how to Rip a DVD to your Hard Drive and Play it on your PC.


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