Add downloaded YouTube Video into WPS Office Presentation

Summay: Here tells you how to convert downloaded YouTube video to WPS Presentation suitable format and upload YouTube video to WPS Office Presentation.

As a lecturer or reporter, slide show is necessary. And from time to time, to attract people’ interests, adding some video to slide is a good idea. So many people choose to link some videos in popular video sharing site, like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook with their WPS Office Presentation. 

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When there is internet connection, linking YouTube video to WPS Office Presentation is easy but you maybe suffer slow buffering and you can’t guarantee the YouTube video will always be there. Moreover, not all YouTube videos are supported by WPS Office Presentation in that YouTube video formats includes H.265, MOV, MP4, MPEG4, AVI, WMV, FLV and WPS Office Presentation supports ASF, AVI, WMX, XW, MPEG, MPA, WMV, WVX video. So for making your presentation perfect as you expected, you will need to avoid any unexpected issues while you are inserting YouTube video into WPS Office Presentation. 


A recommended solution is to download Youtube video and transcode it to WPS Office Presentation suitable format. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate can accept nearly all video format, including the newest H.265 codec, and then transcode them to other format, like WPS Office Presentation supported ASF, AVI, WMX, XW, MPEG, etc. It not only can transcode videos downloaded from YouTube, but also can rip Blu-ray/DVD and convert SD/HD, iMovie video to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Videos, Facebook and other popular video sharing websites. 

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How to insert YouTube video to WPS Office Presentation?


Step 1: Input downloaded YouTube video 

Launch YouTube to WPS software, and click the "File" to choose “Add the Video/Audio” to input downloaded YouTube video to the app. 


Step 2: Convert YouTube video to WPS Presentation supported video 

In “Format” bar, you can choose any format supported by WPS Presentation. The recommended format is MPEG-1 which gives more compatibility on different Windows PCs. 


Step 3: Start convert YouTube video to WPS 

When specified the output format, go back to the main interface and carry out the YouTube to WPS process by hitting right-bottom “convert” button. When the process is finished, click the "Open" icon on the main interface to pop out the created files. 

Step 4: Embed and insert YouTube video to WPS Presentation 

1. Before embedding YouTube to WPS Presentation, create a folder, then put both the converted YouTube video and your presentation in this folder. 
2. Open your Presentation in this folder. Select the slide that you want to insert the YouTube video. 
3. Click on the “Insert” tab in the main menu. Click on “Movie” icon. This will bring up the Insert Movie dialog box, as seen below. 


4. In the Insert Movie dialog box, navigate to the video file in the folder you just created and left click on it, then click Open. 
5. When you choose Open button, a dialog box will bring up. You are given two ways to start the movie,“Automatically” or “When Click”, as seen below. Choose the option that best suits your needs. The sketch map is shown as follow: 


6. After adding the video, right click the movie you have inserted and select “Play Movie” on the quick access menu. You can also change the video settings by right clicking the movie and selecting “Play Movie” on the quick access menu. After it starts to play right click the movie and select “Edit Movie Object”. A Movie Options dialog box will appear as shown below: 

a. Select Loop until stopped to play the movie in a continuous loop. 

b. Click the Sound volume button and slide the bar to adjust the volume of the movie. Select Zoom to full screen to play the movie in full screen. 

By this way, you can play YouTube video in WPS Office Presentation without suffering buffering and don’t worry the internet connection or the lost of source YouTube video. 



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