Two Methods to Rip DVD to VLC

Summary: Still tired of ripping DVD to VLC and don’t know where to begin the process from? This article will tell you two effective solutions to copy DVD to VLC.

Ripping DVD to VLC is an everlasting and hot issue by making a general survey of all relevant Digital Copy, Video Conversion forums and bulletins. Copying DVD to VLC means that you can enjoy your favorite DVD videos on iOS devices, Android devices, and Youtube. So transferring DVD to VLC will be very meaningful. Here, this article will introduce you two comprehensive and systematic methods to ripping DVD to VLC. Method 1: Rip DVD with VLC Media Player. Method 2: VLC Alternative to Rip DVD without Any Limitations. 


Method 1: How to rip DVD with VLC Media Player? 


Most people think VLC is just a media player. Actually, there is also an overlooked feature in VLC that allows you to rip your DVD as well. Here we will show you how to rip DVD movies with VLC. (Note : This tutorial is written for VLC 0.9.6 and up). 

Step 1: Start up VLC and load up DVD video. Under “Media”, click on “Convert/Save” 


Step 2: When Open Media window appears, click DVD tab and browse the Disc device to make sure the field is pointing to the optical drive. Then navigate to “Convert/Save’ 


Step 3: Next the Convert screen opens where you can select a location for the ripped file. 


Step 4: Give the file a name and a supported extension. For this example we ripped Lord of the Rings and gave it a MOV extension. If you don’t label it with a supported file extension it will default to .ps (Program Stream) file. 


Step 5: When all settings are done, the Convert screen will look something like this where we have the source drive and destination file with appropriate extension. 


Finally, You should be able to play the converted file with other media players assuming you have the right codec.  


Using VLC to rip DVD takes too much steps and time and as a result, you will notice the converted movie in lower quality compared to the original. Also, VLC does not support the DVD with internal encryption so that it can’t recognize protected DVD well and fail to extract movies from DVD successfully. In this case, you have to turn your eyes to VLC Alternative to solve the problem. 


Method 2: How to Rip DVD with VLC Alternative without Any Limitations? 


Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is recommended as VLC Altenative, which can 1:1 backup DVD protected without lossless quality. It enables you to rip DVD to VLC with MP4/MKV/MOV/AVI/H.265/DivX, etc, at fast speed. 

Step 1: Download and Install VLC Alternative: 

Step 2: Launch DVD to VLC Alternative and add DVD video to it through “File” icon and set the output folder in “Output”. 


Step 2: In the format pane, you can target “H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)” from “HD Video” as the output format for VLC. 


Step 3: After you have set the output folder and format, you can click on the right-bottom “Convert” to start rip DVD to VLC process. When conversion is done, locate the created file by opening the output folder. 

These above two method an achieve the process of DVD to VLC. Nevertheless, the latter method obviously is easier than the former one. What’s the most important, ripping DVD to VLC with a VLC Alternative can reserve the high video quality as much as possible. Besides, with Video Converter Ultimate, you will surprisedly find that you can get the following goals: 4K Movies to Xbox OneVOB to YouTubeAny Video to M3U8 for Apple TVVideo-TS to Plex for the reason that Video Converter Ultimate can convert Music, TV shows, DVD, Blu-ray, HD Videos to almost any other formats to compatible with various portable devices, media players, servers and game consoles. 



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